Upcoming Strategic Plan Meeting
A community meeting focused Permanent Housing Solutions is scheduled for December 8, 2021, 1pm - 3pm. This meeting is open to all. Please join us to provide your input and feedback:

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Materials from passed Strategic Planning meetings:


Strategic Plan Vision

That all individuals and families in El Dorado County have equal access to community resources and safe and affordable housing.

Team work

Strategic Plan Mission

To collaboratively identify and address the below to accomplish the functional end of homelessness in El Dorado County.


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Build a robust emergency response system

El Dorado Strategic Plan

The El Dorado Continuum of Care and El Dorado County are collaborating to create a Strategic Plan to address homelessness in El Dorado County.

Efforts made to date in creating a comprehensive Strategic Plan with community input:
  • Mission, vision and goals were drafted with input from the community and its leaders.
  • An environmental scan was performed to help to understand what resources are available to the community and to help identify gaps in the homeless system of care.
  • Community meetings were held to discuss prevention and diversion strategies and the coordination of a diverse group service providers and stakeholders in the system of care.
  • Seven focus groups were held with people experiencing homelessness or with recent lived experience, including homeless youth, to gather information about their experience with seeking assistance in El Dorado.
  • Surveys were distributed to the community to gather input from program participants, service providers, and community members about the El Dorado system of care and the needs of the homeless population.
A community meeting focused permanent housing solutions is planned for December to gather stakeholder input and discuss options to expand the continuum of available housing in El Dorado County. A draft plan is expected in early 2022. 


"Even with a decent full-time job, I cannot afford a two-bedroom apartment for myself and my daughter. It is hard to keep up with the increased cost of living."

Lived Experience Respondent

"There is new collaboration between several organizations on the issue, which has pushed local

government to some action."

Survey Respondent

"There seems to be numerous funds available to assist with move in costs. There are some successful programs up and running and ready to assist homeless folks."

Survey Respondent