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El Dorado Strategic Plan

On May 6, 2022 the El Dorado Continuum of Care adopted the Collectively Building: A Community Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness in El Dorado County.


The final plan can be found here. Implementation of the key strategic priorities of the plan are underway with the help of the CoC and community partners.

The top priority of El Dorado CoC and El Dorado County is to implement emergency housing solutions for homeless individuals as quickly as possible. El Dorado staff is leading the efforts to move this key strategy forward. For a detailed First Year Implementation Plan, see Appendix E of the Collectively Building Plan. 


The following committees have been formed to implement the top priorities of the strategic plan:

1. Homelessness Prevention and Diversion

2. Institutional Transitions (criminal legal system, medical, foster care system)

3. Shared Housing 

4. Safe Parking

5. Landlord Outreach and Engagement


If you are interested in participating in joining any of the above committees, please email


Thank you!

Strategic Plan Vision

That all individuals and families in El Dorado County have equal access to community resources and safe and affordable housing.

Team work

Strategic Plan Mission

To collaboratively identify and address the below to accomplish the functional end of homelessness in El Dorado County.


Holding Hands
Running Up


Sticky Notes


Open Laptop

Build a robust emergency response system


"Even with a decent full-time job, I cannot afford a two-bedroom apartment for myself and my daughter. It is hard to keep up with the increased cost of living."

Lived Experience Respondent

"There is new collaboration between several organizations on the issue, which has pushed local

government to some action."

Survey Respondent

"There seems to be numerous funds available to assist with move in costs. There are some successful programs up and running and ready to assist homeless folks."

Survey Respondent

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